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Our Facility

We have over 1500 square meters of Gym floor and indoor, Outdoor training area.


It is our mission at MFW to encourage people of all ages and abilities to constantly challenge themselves in a supportive environment. Our team are passionate and committed to promoting and assisting our members to feel better about themselves and to continually improve.

Our Focus

What we want to achieve

- Offer a first class facility for the everyday gym goer to the Athlete with high quality equipment

- Offer a facility that our employees and members can be proud of.

- Help clients/ members assess their level of physical fitness and set a plan to reach their fitness goals.

- Help Clients change their activity levels and choose healthier lifestyles as well as helping with preparation and recovery with sports Massage.

- Help clients achieve their fitness goals by designing and implementing creative and effective training programs.

- Achieve customer satisfaction

- To give back to the community with sponsorships and assistance with local events.

- To be recognised as a top training facility and have respect within the fitness community

Our primary focus is specializing in Triathlon,  Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Strength & Conditioning. These are fast becoming a focus for a lot of our potential clients/members due to their highly effective method of fitness. They involve almost no machines and focuses on free weights and every movement is compound movements, which means no isolation movements that have little or no effect. Our Facility caters for the serious athlete hoping to compete in their chosen sport, to people just wanting to train to the elderly who need to enhance and promote healthy joint movements. We are the firstgym in Warrnambool to have Strongman/Strongwoman equipment, and we cater for everybody. Our mission statement is to become the people’s gym. To cater for all demographic, social, economic and physical attributes.

- S&C coaching for all team and individual sports

- Powerlifting coaching for all levels

- Personal Training

- Group Fitness area

- Female and Male change rooms, 1 Shower

- Sports injury rehab and Injury prevention

- iHealth infrared Sauna for recovery

- Fully equipped Gymnasium

- 750 square meters of gym training floor space

- 500 square meters of outdoor training space

- Separate stretching /cool down area (over looking the whole gym)

- Recovery Lounge 

-My Muscle Chef Cookies and Protein Drinks

- Muscle Nation Supplements

Our Gym

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