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Our Gym Equipment

We are adding new equipment all the time, so some may not be showing in the lists

Pin Loaded

Lat Pull Down x 2

Cable Rows x 2

Cable Cross Over

Preacher Curl

Standing Calf Raise

Lat Shoulder Raise

Multi Hip

Seated Dip

Hip Adductor/Abductor

Leg Curl Seated

Leg Extension

Front & Hack Squat

1kg - 10kg DB setCross Over Cables x 2

Leg Curl Laydown

Leg Press

Shoulder Press

Chest Press

Rear Delt

Peck Fly

Hamstring Curl

Seated Row x 2

Lat Pull Down

Assisted Chin Up

Plate Loaded

Hip Thruster

Pump Set

Chest Press x 3

Chest Press Machine

Decline Press

Incline Press

Shoulder Press x 2

Tricep Extension

Preacher Curls x 2

Benches x 6

Lat Pull Down

Shrug Machine

Back Row x 2

Leg Press

Hack Squat

Seated Calf Raise

Smith Machine

Squat Racks x 3

CrossFit Rig

Olympic bars 20kg x 14

Olympic Bars 15kg x 2

Hexbar - 20kg

Hexbar - 40kg

400kg Coloured Olympic Plates


Treadmills x 7

Ellipticals x 2

Stair Climber

Rowers x 3

Spin Bikes x 2

Assault Bike x 3

25m Double Lane inside Sled/Running Track

50m x 10m Outside Training AreaSki Ergs x 3

Rower x 1

Assault Bikes x 2

Curved Treadmill


Eleiko Squat & Bench Press x 2

Eleiko Plates .25kg - 25kg

Eleiko Bars x 2

Rogue Deadlift Bar x 1

Safety Bar

Platform x 4

Swiss Bar 25kg

Valhalla Strength Mono Lift

Valhalla Bench Press

Rogue Ohio Power Bars x 2


*SorS = Stand or Submit

Sleds x 3

Yokes x 3 (1 x SorS Tower Yoke)


Farmers Walks x 3

Viking Press

SorS - Atlas Stones 30kg - 150kg + Podium

SorS - & NCFitness Logs x 7 30kg - 70kg

Duck Walks x 2

Car Deadlift

Natural Stones 25kg - 130kg

Dead Balls 30kg - 100kg

SorS - Fingles Finger x 2

SorS -  Axel Deadlift Wagon Wheel

Axel Bar

Tyres - Big and SmallSorS Tower Yoke

SorS - Barry Carry x 2

SorS - Axel Bar

SorS - Hussafel Carry x 2

SorS - Atlas Stones 110kg to 180kg

Reverse Hyper

MAS Wrestling deck

Hercules Hold

General Accessories

Kettle Bells 6kg - 40kg

Boxing Bags, Gloves & Inners


Skipping Ropes

Medicine Balls

Wall Ball shots

Dip Bars x 2

Climbing Ropes

Fit Balls

Fat Grips


Slam Bags 10kg - 25kg

Weighted Vest

Box jumps x 2

GHR x 2

Back Extension

DB from 10kg - 60kg x 2

DB from 10kg - 40kg x 2

DB from 1kg - 10kg x 2

Fixed BB from 10kg - 60kg

Foam Rollers

Battle Ropes

Stretching Mats

Balance Boards x 3

+ Much more​

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