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Your Fitness Community

We believe that motivation can be found anywhere, and this is exactly why we are here—to help you ignite it. With inspirational photos of all things fitness and wellness, and to create a supportive community through images that we believe shows a true representation of who we are and what we represent.

If you have some images that you would like us to add to our gallery, then please click the link below.

Our Open Day June 13th 2019

Wazza pulling 350kg for the title of 2nd Strongest Man in Victoria.

Allan involving the Kids in his Strongman Comp practice

Strongman session

First Sled race on the newly widend track. Thank you Paul and Tom

Then there were 3, Tom, Paul and Bonnie

A quick look around the gym

140kg on the yoke for a 1km stroll around the block

The home stretch

Scott and Nato doing an M-FITT session

Silver Dollar Tyre Deadlift

Shirts are off! we're getting serious.

Dan pulling 355kg on the sled - The Machine

Weightlifting Workshop with Emily Godley in April 2019

First Powerlifting Comp for these legends - Shani, Deejay and Andy

Just playing around!!

Jay's punishment for not putting his weights away. He had to wear a Tutu for his whole workout.

Birds eye view of the gym

Track widening prep

Track going down

Scott and Nato

Lines being painted

1.4km run

7 SDHP 7 Burpees x 7 rds

14 KB swings (me) Nato 7 each arm on the min for 6 mins

15 torsontor pushes each arm x 3 rds

Max dips on the min for 5 mins

10 mins alternating on sled for 25m @ 25kg

Completed under 35 mins.

Julie flipping the tyre in the strongman Class - in 31deg heat and getting hotter

CJ after smashing himself in the sled challenge - Sorry CJ!

North Warrnambool Football Club in for a few pre season training sessions with Scott.

 Before and After Photos of the Gym

Foyer and Entrance

Gym Floor and Stretching Area

Circuit and Boxing Room

Before images of the Reception and Cardio Area

Before images of the Gym, Cross Training Area and Eleiko Room.


Ramdom photo's

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