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Momentum Fitness


Functional Training Centre 


12 Month - Lock in Contract

- $65.00 Joining Fee (includes 24/7 Fob)

- Fitness Program
- Full access to Gym and some classes

12 months continual 

$15.95 per week

No lock in Contract Memberships

12 months continual - NO LOCK IN CONTRACT

*Pay in full options are available

Concession Membership

12 months continual - NO LOCK IN CONTRACT

*Pay in full is not available on a concession membership

Corporate Membership - Victoria Police and Midfield 

12 months continual - NO LOCK IN CONTRACT

Fitness Programs

Every member is entitled to a fitness program when they sign up. Scott, Sarah or Brad will write out a 4 week program for you, for a special event or if you just want to lose weight/tone up and be fit and healthy.

The program will be designed especially for you!

  • Measurements
  • Pinch Test
  • BMI
  • Fitness Test
You will be taken through every exercise and will be explained to as to why it is important to your chosen activity.

Contact us to make an appointment and allow at least an hour.