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Momentum Fitness Warrnambool - Personal Training

Personal Trainer / Strength & Conditioning & Group Fitness instructor
Sarah Caruana - Personal Trainer

My health and fitness journey began almost 10 yrs ago. I was living in WA & Working as a FIFO (Fly in, Fly out) worker on various construction projects across remote Northern Western Australia. This line of work saw me away from friends, family & home for 4 weeks at a time (1 week home). Apart from work there wasn't a lot else to do at the camps (that didn't involve sitting around and drinking at the bar). The long hours, heat & isolation saw many co-workers suffering with mental & emotional issues. I wasn't going to let this happen to me, so what better way to look after one's self physically, emotionally & mentally than through exercise. It was the best decision I made, I would exercise before & after work & it gave me the energy & stamina to get through the day. I have never looked back on my decision to pursue a healthier and happier self, and it has remained a top priority of mine ever since.

I moved back to South West Vic in 2013 & had my daughter in 2014. Staying fit & looking after my body is important, if not more to me today then ever, not just for myself but for my daughter. To be a positive role model and demonstrate the value of "loving the skin you're in". This is all achieved through my dedication to exercise & heathy life choices. I have been fortunate to be a stay at home mum for the last 3.5 yrs. I completed my cert III & IV in Fitness in February this year, my first step to pursuing my goal of a career in the health & Fitness industry.
The satisfaction and enjoyment I get from being able to support clients from day one, right through out their fitness journey, is above and beyond. Happy Clients = Happy Trainer.
I am now super excited to be part of the Momentum Fitness Warrnambool Team, a role that I will take on with understanding, passion, commitment & energy. I can't wait to help people in what ever way I can to see them achieve their goals & help them in their pursuit to becoming a fitter, stronger, healthier & in turn a happier version of themselves.

1/2 hr - $35.00

2 x 1/2hr - $60.00

8 sessions - $360.00 get 1 free (9 in total)

12 session - $540.00 get 2 free (14 in total)

Group Sessions also Available.

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Brad Rees

Personal Trainer / Strength & Conditioning

Brad Rees - Personal Trainer

I began my career in the fitness Industry in September 2015 after completing my Diploma Of Fitness at the Sage Institute Of Fitness. I have a very energetic personality, that's highly motivated, and have a 'train like you’re in second place mentality'. I want everyone to get the best out of their everyday life, and watching the commando work his magic on the Biggest Loser I knew the fitness industry is where I wanted to be! Through my 3 and a bit years in the industry I’ve heard “I hate you” and “you’re a cruel man” so many times, but the highlight of it all is when at the end of many gruelling sessions hearing comments such as “you’ve changed my life” as a trainer they’re the words you dream to hear. I specialise in sports specific training (especially in AFL, Basketball and Athletics), Weight Loss Training, HIIT and Strength & Conditioning. I thrive on making my clients shine and achieve the very best version of themselves. I’m grateful to be apart of the Momentum Fitness family to further my experience and learn from those around me to make myself a better fitness professional.

1/2 hr - $30.00

1 hr - $50.00

Group Fitness and Body Blast Challenges also available

Brad Rees Personal & Group Trainer