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What our Members and Visitors are saying

My son has been supported by Momentum Fitness over the last near 3 months, going through the most challenging time of his life, for this I thank them, for finding the better person in himself.

Margaret Rollings - Facebook April 2021

Fantastic place, great atmosphere and very professional and friendly staff. Very well equipped and excellent hygiene.

Mark Stevenson - Facebook Mar 2021

Hands down, one of the most wonderful gym's Ive ever been to! Kris and Scott have built such a genuine and welcoming community at MFW.

Top notch equipment, lot's of space, just overall an amazing place to workout! If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Highly recommend this gym to everyone, no matter your fitness level.

Jessica Senior  - Google Mar 2021

Widest range of equipment I've seen in years! We thoroughly enjoyed training here!

Etienne Helberg - Facebook Feb 2021

Best heavy lifting gym it town by far. Well set out and great trainers 👌💪

Nathan Davies - Facebook Jan 2021

The owners make everyone feel welcome and engage in conversation with ood and new members and as a new member myself, its that kind of interaction that sets this gym apart from others, great friendly service and always a hello, if you need any information or help Scott and Kris are always helpful and very positive, can't rate this gym high enough.

Jeff Boyle  - Google Jul 2020

Awesome Gym great atmosphere and great people

Elizabeth Bliss-Rogers - Google Apr 2020

Great Atmosphere, Friendly Staff.

Jonathan Honeyman - Google 2019

I don't get to come home very often and when I do it's hard to find an accommodating gym.

Scott was more than welcoming towards me and for the limited time I've been able to train its clear that he in deeply invested in the lives and the fitness goals of the people who train at Momentum Fitness.

I'll gladly come back as often as I can when I'm visiting Warrnambool.

Thanks for welcoming me into your gym �

Reece Mclean-Curry - Facebook Dec 2018

WOW! I’ve been a member of nearly every gym in town. This place has the most variety in equipment option. If you just wanna row/run/bike or if you wanna lift all the weights or even just grind it out in the weights room or sled/prowler/yoke run. This place have everything. Staff are amazing and always more than happy to assist. What are you waiting for?

Corey Grapentin - Facebook Dec 2018

If you wanna get seriously fit , strong and not bored doing the same thing 95% of all gym do .. then this gym is it !! From state of the art , new gym equipment to "alternative types" of training like 25 meter weight sleds , yolk carries, dead balls , heavy tire pulls/flips . You can train indoor or outdoor or feel like your outdoor when the roller doors are up and the sun is out. Its not a "men only " or a " bodybuilding place" .. its for anyone , male or female , who wants to improve themselves from beginner on up. Great motivational staff on hand will help you .. you wont regret it .. clearly i'm not alone on this judging by the other reviews !!

John Mclam - Facebook Dec 2018

This gym is run by absolute legends and also happens to have the best equipment in Warrnambool. If you want to train in a positive and motivating environment then Momentum is definitely the place

Kimberley Davis - Facebook Dec 2018

The gym is fantastic and has something for everyone. The staff and owners are welcoming, helpful, friendly, encouraging and supportive.

When i first walked into the gym, i knew it would be in ny best interest to cancel my current gym membership and sign up to Momemtum Fitness Warrnambool.

Shani Russell - Facebook Dec 2018

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