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Gym Up Grades

We have come along way since we opened in November 15th 2017. 

Check out the changes and follow our progress below.

iHealth Sauna

Lock Down Number 7 in August/September 2021 we installed our Sauna.

We were not able to use it straight away due to restrictions of only 10 people in the building at any given time.

As of the 22nd of October 2021 we opened the Sauna for use to fully Vaccinated people only.

Walls Painted

2021 bought on some very challenging times. With COVID still very prevalent in the world we were forced to lock down 5 more times and this came after being locked down twice in 2020

On our 7th Lock down we decided to get a few things done while we had the time and the space to be able to do it.

We painted the back room walls and installed the Sauna.

New Chapter

After our 6th lock down we realized that we needed to make a few decisions involving the Strongman Club.

We loved watching the SM comps and seeing our members training for them, we even held a few comps ourselves, but we realized very quickly that they were a lot of hard work and didn't yeald any profit so we decided as a business decision to disband the club and move a lot of our equipment outside. We still have a few members who are training for SM comps and they are doing really well. 

Endurance Sport & Recovery

Lock Down Number 5 in February 2021 we started our Triathlon Coaching

We have everything recovery, and with the backing of GPC in regards to coaching and Training Athletes in Triathlons, Big, Small and in between, we hope to see some really great achievements over the coming months/Years and look forward to seeing our Athletes do well.

Pilates / Wahook Kickrs

In March of 2020 we were Shut down for the first of 7 Lock downs for 3 months due to COVID-19.

We took the opportunity to make some changes upstairs and renovated 2 offices, taking down a wall to make one big Studio. This is Known as our Pain Cave for the Wahoo Kickrs and also our Pilates Studio.

New Equipment

In March of 2020 we are expecting some new equipment to be arriving. For the full list CLICK HERE

Since starting in November 2017 we have been continually adding equipment and this will continue. Our Members have had a say in what they would like to see in the gym and what they would like to use. We have tried to accommodate, especially with the equipment that is coming.


*We are now 24/7 as of Monday the 14th of May 2018

Our biggest upgrade so far is going 24/7 by June 2018. We have spent a lot of time here over the last 5 months and even before, while we were building the gym and getting ready to open. We have realised that the long hours are taking it's toll and for us to be working at our best we need rest and of course personal time away from the gym.

We are so appreciative of our members and everyone has been fantastic and understanding if we accidently sleep in everynow and then. This will not be an issue once we go 24/7 and can allow everyone to come and go as they please no matter the time.

*Keep an eye on the website for the actual 24/7 start date.

Extending the track

*Track has been made longer and wider and getting plenty of use.

We are also over the next couple of weeks, widening and adding length to the 25mt track in the main gym area. So when the cold weather sets in and it's raining outide you can then do everything you would do outside, inside for egs. Flipping the tyres, tyre drag and much more.....

Giving the Gym more space

*The wall has now been taken down and has really opened the gym right up. Come and see for yourself - 21/7/18

Last thing we will be doing for a while is taking this wall down and bringing it in to the spin area. This will not only enclose Lisa's Spin class it will also open up he whole Gym area and give everyone even more space to workout in.

Our plans for the future of MFW

With implementing Athlete Monitoring we would like to be more involved in helping Sporting Clubs and Athletes become the best they can possibly be. Also Strongman is only going to get bigger in Australia and we are glad to already be apart of that community. We are planning on growing it along with the Weightlifting and Powerlifting side of our Gym. We have the space both inside and out to expand and make MFW a place and space that you would want to workout in and spend some time in. The members we have already are what make this place what it is, friendly, welcoming and extremely helpful. They make our job easier.

Along with growing our Strongman, Weightlifting and Powerlifting we also have the plans to become the one stop shop for your sporting needs, whether it be, S&C, Injury rehab, Pre-Season Training, Nutrition, Club specific Training, Testing and much, much more......

We have some big plans in the making so keep an eye on the website, facebook, Insta, youtube and also Twitter to follow our progress. 

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