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Fantastic everything! Clients are doing real training from great coaches and getting excellent results. Big place, great equipment and the staff are very nice people 2.

Nigel McInnes - Facebook Dec 9 2018

Well thought out and executed business. High quality, clean and tidy equipment and plenty of space. Great atmosphere, energy and music. Definately filled a gap In Warrnambool fitness industry.

Manfred Wagner - Facebook Nov 26 2018

Great equipment for all levels of interest in fitness but especially for powerlifters! Great atmosphere and wonderful owners

RJ Ellyn - Facebook Jan 23 2018

Great equipment,Great Atmosphere and Great staff.

The most important part is the Man who owns the Gym runs the Gym.

Mark Leggett - Facebook Nov 22 2017

Great atmosphere , the best equipment and awesome people

Dan Hausler - Facebook Nov 22 2017

Welcoming , friendly, motivated and knowledgable staff! Plenty of variety of equipment and classes/training and they even let me choose the tunes

Skye Marilyn Munro - Facebook Nov 22 2017

With the roller doors up bringing the outside in makes for a great open air vibe, friendly staff place to lift 💪

Dallas Smitts - Facebook Nov 18 2017

Gym has a great set up, great equipment and staff are friendly and up for a chat

Robbie Guysen - Facebook Nov 17 2017

Unreal gym extremely laid back fun and exciting environment list could go on, so make the time to go check it out definitely won’t be disappointed

Troy Rollings - Facebook Nov 17 2017

Heaps of Professional equipment, genuine friendly staff, awesome atmosphere defiantly the best gym the south west.

Jarrett Todd - Facebook Nov 16 2017

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