Functional Training Centre 


Group Fitness Classes


Boxing Class - Jacob Rhodes

Jacob Rhodes

A 60 minute high impact cardio-based boxing fitness class suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. It includes lots of punching, combinations, running, core work and stretching. Along with other high-impact activities and you can substitute as needed to suit your physical condition. Every class is different so you don't get bored or plateau out with your fitness and weight loss progress. These classes take place indoors, outdoors or both. A fun but tough, interactive class that gets the blood pumping and the fat melting away! 

6.00pm - Every Wednesday night

$10.00 for non members - free for members

Suitable for all fitness levels


Sarah Caruana

Medium to high impact 60min Circuit Class designed to get the body moving and to improve overall health and fitness - Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness        

5.30am - Every Tuesday morning

5.30am - Every Thursday morning

New - 45min class - Every Thursday night @ 6pm

$10.00 for non members - free for members

*Suitable for all fitness levels


Sarah Caruana

45min Circuit Class designed for women to help Tone get fit and meet like minded mums.

9.30am - Wednesday Morning

*Suitable for all fitness levels


Strongman/woman classes - Scott Sudale

Paul Mammone / Shani Russell

I you want to lose weight, increase muscle definition or tone this is a great style of training for everyone to take part in. You will also be shown correct technique and how to use all of the apparatuses used in Strongman/Srongwoman training.

6.00pm - Monday night

Or sign up to the Strongman/Strongwoman Club for only $18.50 per week