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Welcome to Momentum Fitness Warrnambool


The Gym with everything for Everyone

At Momentum Fitness Warrnambool we are passionate about creating a fitness community that is inclusive, motivating and encouraging for everyone from the beginner to the every day Gym user to the passionate Weightlifter, Powerlifter all the way up to the Strongman/Strongwoman. 

We are 100% locally owned and operated and take pride in delivering the South West the best Gym experience  possible. 

With brand new BH Fitness and Eleiko equipment for our Weightlifters and Powerlifters and Stand or Submit equipment for our Strongman/Strongwomen, you will stay focused, have fun, kick  ass and repeat. 

We have group training, Classes, Boot Camp, Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Massage, Sports Rehab, Athlete Monitoring and more...

You will never get bored!

Why MFW?

A membership with Momentum Fitness Warrnambool includes:


🔸24/7 Access

🔸Fitness Program

🔸3 day pass for a Family member or friend (on sign up)

🔸Ongoing support 

🔸Discounts on Group PT sessions

Puragen Look Fit Fast has landed at MFW

See why we were voted 1 of 3 Best Gyms in Warrnambool 2020

This is a poem that one of our members wrote:

"MFW Gym!
Walking through the doors of Momentum Fitness Gym,
Not a clue of what I'm doing or where I should begin.

A friendly face approaches with a smile from ear to ear,
A kind hello and welcome helps lift away the fear.

The staff are so supportive and show you how to start,
From an easy beginner routine to one that races the heart.

Treadmills and barbells that at first may seem quite hard,

To outside in the sunshine, Flipping tyres in the yard.

If you want a place for fitness to change your body mind and soul,
Momentum Fitness Warrnambool can help you plan and reach your goal".   

Karlia Savage 2018

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