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At Recovery Hub Warrnambool, we’ve mastered the powerful holistic approach to reducing stress, increasing circulation, and providing an excellent source of preventative care for your entire body. We have 2 x Saunas, Recovery Boots and 2 x massage chairs to help you start your journey towards pain and injury management.

Contact us to book an appointment, or book online.


Infrared Sauna

Relax and Destress

A Sauna session will help you by improving your cardiovascular health, relieving pain and stress, and detoxifying your body.

We have 2 private Saunas that you can enjoy by yourself or with a friend.

Recovery Boots

Why Recovery Boots?

Massage Chairs

Experience Zero Gravity!

  • - SL guide rail, kneading, acupressure,

  • - A variety of massage techniques such as beating and kneading hammer synchronization

  • - Space capsule armrest design, embedded on both sides of the 4-arm airbag massage

  • - Shoulder extrusion massage with 4 airbags

  • - All-wrapped airbag squeeze massage for legs

  • - Warm back function

  • - Foot massage, beautiful legs elastic telescopic function

  • - One key zero gravity function

  •  HIFI Bluetooth music; With LED light, side trim

Wellness Membership

Recovery 24/7

Why is recovery so important?

Recovery is an essential aspect of any fitness routine. It involves the process of allowing the body to repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissue following exercise or injury. Proper muscle recovery is essential for maintaining optimal performance, preventing injuries, and promoting overall health and well-being.

If recovery is something that is important to you, then check out our Wellness Membership.

$45.00 per week

 No Lock in, you can cancel at any time.


- 24/7 access to gym

- Fitness program

- Full Body Scan

- Unlimited classes

- 24/7 access to Sauna

- 24/7 access to Recovery Room





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