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Member Profiles

Every Month we post about members who have achieved their goals no matter they may be. This gives an insight in to their journey and how far they have come. 

Tyson Jakitsch

I’m Tyson and I’ve been a happy momentum member for just on three years.

I have a super busy home and work life with my wife Katharine, 2 ratbag kids Harley, 5, and Mila 3.

We love the outdoors, the beach and all of Warrnambool natural attractions, and share our house and garden with our dog Alfie and our 2 chickens.

I love the feel of Momentum and can not thank Scott and Kris enough for providing a space that give me a fun and supportive environment that gives me the a positive place to have some personal time and build strength in my mind, body and soul.

Even better is when I have no personal time and can bring my kids with me (on a verbal leash sorry for those who have witnessed) and Kris and Scott cater to all us parents who are juggling busy schedules, thanks again.

Over the past 3 years I have had enjoyed lifting my personal bests as well as the lows of major injuries that have inhibited my training however with the variety of spaces and choices of exercise available have found I can continually enjoy every session I can make.

I look forward to smashing out the rest of the year with all old and new members.

Come say hi anytime, you might find me on the new glute machine as I need serious work in that area and will be giving it a crack!


Raj and Rashmita Samrai

Introducing Raj & Rashi Samrai, two dedicated members that believe “you only get out what you put in.”

Both Raj & Rashi thrive on the feel-good factor that MFW & especially Scott’s morning HIIT session gives them. This is in addition to the weekly exercise routine of cycling, running (and swimming for Rashi). As mature gym goers these two are a testament to the “use it or lose it philosophy.”

Deciding to have children later in life, the Samrai’s knew that it was important to stay fit for them. In fact, their son Ashwynn, a regular gym goer himself, was very impressed with his recent visit to MFW and said it was “the best gym ever!”

Once the Samrais developed this proactive mindset, coupled with a passion for the great outdoors they took part in many exercise based fund-raising events in the early days in the UK, including fun runs, cycling and climbing. This was a win-win all round. Together they climbed the Three Peaks in the UK, Raj went on to climb Mount. Kilimanjaro and Everest base camp.

As a Pharmacist and accredited Health & Wellness coach Raj acknowledges the importance of exercise for good mental health and “staying on top of your game.” MFW provides the perfect platform, not only is it a great exercise & training environment, it’s also a great social environment with like-minded people, putting the hard yards in to feel better both physically & mentally” he said.

Raj also says that he draws a lot of motivation from Rashi, “she’s a pocket rocket!!” A very determined soul. In fact, she only learnt to swim 8 years ago and last year completed a 7km swim at a Masters swim club event!

It was Rashi that introduced Raj to running many years ago, and today he is an accomplished ultra-marathon runner having completed the world-famous Comrades Ultra on two occasions, as well as numerous other marathons including New York, Sidney, Gold Coast & Melbourne. In recent years he has taken to ultra-trail running and cycling, with the Murray to Moyne and the Otway Classic bike rides as regular features.

The Samrai’s are passionate advocates for good health and pay attention to their nutrition & hydration. Some of the produce from their organic vegetable garden are a regular addition to their early morning juice fix and daily diet. Rashi is keen to stress that whilst a balanced diet is important, don’t deny yourself some treats, after all life is for living. Go hard my fellow MFW gym goers!!

Kas Edney

Kaz started with MFW straight out of lockdown 2.0 & has never looked back! After joining initially to focus on strength training and weightlifting, she found that the gym had EVERYTHING she possibly needed for all aspects of her training (and to be honest, we couldn’t agree more!)

Kaz is currently being coached by the incredible @hattieboydle and will compete in a bodybuilding competition in 2022. She believes having the right gym & support is so beneficial for what I want to do & found this & more in MFW! 

If you see Kaz around the gym, don’t be shy, say hello! We wish you all the best with your endeavours & look forward to seeing more of your progress & training

Mark Stevenson

-My name is mark. I’m married have 4 kids and 1 grandchild.

-I work in disability support services and love my job

-After 25 years of smoking I made a choice to quit. This was no easy feat as I had become very dependent on them. I was drinking quite heavily also, so when the smokes went, so did the beer.

-With quitting I started eating more to substitute, but not in a healthy way.

-I gained a lot of weight and it wasn’t after I got on the scales and realised that my clothes don’t fit anymore that I had hit my heaviest weight ever, and that I needed to make change.

-I came across MFW because of my son who trains there for south west academy of sport.

-When I found out that Scott was there, I new that this would be the place to go as he trained me previously.

-I joined MFW on January 25 and haven’t looked back, I’ve lost a lot of weight and feel a lot healthier both physically and mentally.

-I’m enjoying the challenge every time I enter the Gym, and I enjoy the atmosphere that comes along with becoming a healthier me.

-My goal is to get a six pack on my stomach and not in my stomach.

-Big thanks to Scott and Cris and all the staff there for their continued support and assistance

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