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Strength & Conditioning

At Momentum Fitness Warrnambool we are extremely proud of our personal Trainers. They all have a background in fitness and various sports. Any of our Personal Trainers will help you reach your goal and will be right along side you through your whole journey no matter what that is.

Why a Personal Strength and Conditioning Coach?

Strength and Conditioning Coaches help people stay motivated while preparing for any kind of goal their client may have, from losing weight to maintaining weight, getting fit and healthy or for any particular sport their client has chosen. S&C Coaches have the responsibility to safely help their clients train and tailor personal programs to suit their needs.

10 reasons why you should hire a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

  1. You're Not Seeing Results
  2. You want to learn correct Technique
  3. You Don't Know Where to Start 
  4. You're Bored With the Same Old Workouts 
  5. You Need to Be Challenged  
  6. You Want to Learn How to Exercise on Your Own
  7. You Need Accountability and Motivation 
  8. You Have a Specific Illness, Injury, or Condition 
  9. You're Training for a Sport or Event 
  10. You Want Supervision, Company, and Support During Workouts 
  11. You are New to a Gym Setting