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Static Monsters 2019


If you can Deadlift and Log Press then this is the event for you!

The Static Monsters Worldwide – This is a Log Press and Axle deadlift event held across multiple countries and cities on the same weekend around the world. The top placers in each class will be invited to compete in the World Championships. (normally held end October each year) All competitors will be ranked against the rest of the world for their Log Lift, Axle Deadlift and Monster Total!!!

2 Lifts include:

Axle Deadlift

Log Lift 10"

For the Rules and Regs of each Lift, jump on to the Static Monster Website @: Static Monsters

About Static Monsters

Event Date: 27th of October 2019

Start Time: 10.30am

Weigh in Time: Can be 24hours prior to start time

Registration = $65.00

ASA Members = $55.00

Static Monsters Worldwide 2019 Locations

Our Location

17 Dickson Street, Warrnambool Vic 3280

17 dickson street warrnambool Victoria 3280