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Jena owner operator Build a Bod

Jena White - Build a Bod

Qualified in Human & Sports Nutrition

The main force behind Build a Bod is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals, while educating you to understand reaching your goals does not mean feeling restricted. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain or  sports nutrition, each client is individually evaluated  and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan to reach their pacific goals. Our plans are designed to allow you to still enjoy the food you eat on a daily basis, keeping things simple while still enjoying a little treat here and there,  These plans are made to be fail proof and enjoyable! you just need to be ready and willing to make the changes needed for YOU!
Whether you’re looking for nutritious recipes, or you need professional guidance in order to reach your personal goals, Build a Bod is ready to coach you and send you in the right direction.
Qualified in Human & Sports Nutrition, specialising in personalised Meal Planning to suit individuals goals from Weightloss, Weight Gain, Muscle gain and Maintenance.
My meal plans are designed around your personal macros and kept simple in order to stay on track. I coach each client throughout their journey with me to ensure they are kept accountable with regular check ins and to ensure they are on the right track!

I offer a range of coaching packages including..

  • 4 Week Meal Plan $180
  • 6 Week Meal Plan $250 
  • 8 Week Meal Plan $300 
All meal plans include a personalised assessment.

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