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Momentum Fitness


Functional Training Centre 

Our Past Events/Workshops

Stand or Submit Clash of the South West

On the 5th of May 2019, we held our Inaugural Strongman/Strongwoman Comp.

Events included: Truck Pull, Log Lift, Yoke Carry and Car Deadlift

We had competitors from all over Vic and a few from Mt Gambia compete and they all did such an amazing job.

Photo & Video Credit goes to Beau Arnold @b.arnold_photography

Weightlifting Workshop

On the 24th of March 2019, Emily Godley a Commonwealth Gold Medallist for the UK came to MFW to show us the accessory lifts used in Weightlifting.

In House Strongman/Strongwoman Competition

This was our very first Strongman/Strongwoman Comp early 2018. It was a training exercise really but the guy's took it seriously.

Photo Credit to Beau Arnold @b.arnold_photography