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Our Past Events/Workshops

Static Monsters World Wide 2019

The Static Monsters Worldwide 27th of October 2019 – This is a Log Press and Axle deadlift event held across multiple countries and cities on the same weekend around the world. The top placers in each class will be invited to compete in the World Championships. (normally held end October each year) All competitors will be ranked against the rest of the world for their Log Lift, Axle Deadlift and Monster Total!!!

Photos and Video by Beau Arnold @b.arnold_photography

Stand or Submit Clash of the South West

On the 5th of May 2019, we held our Inaugural Strongman/Strongwoman Comp.

Events included: Truck Pull, Log Lift, Yoke Carry and Car Deadlift

We had competitors from all over Vic and a few from Mt Gambia compete and they all did such an amazing job.

Photo & Video Credit goes to Beau Arnold @b.arnold_photography

Weightlifting Workshop

On the 24th of March 2019, Emily Godley a Commonwealth Gold Medallist for the UK came to MFW to show us the accessory lifts used in Weightlifting.

In House Strongman/Strongwoman Competition

This was our very first Strongman/Strongwoman Comp early 2018. It was a training exercise really but the guy's took it seriously.

Photo Credit to Beau Arnold @b.arnold_photography