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Jye Dylan Cromb

Family Status for eg, Married, Single, Kids, Fur Kids: Single
Tell us about yourself, what you do outside the gym?: When I'm not in the gym I'm always either shadow boxing or listening to music, mostly boxing.
How did you become interested in the gym?: When I heard about Momentum I contacted them on Facebook because my friend that goes there told me about the gym. So I got in contact and asked about my age (13), they were really supportive and said yes I could join.
How long have you been going to the gym?: I have been going to the gym for ages now, I have lost count.
What /Who Inspires you and why?: The people that inspire me are Brad Muller (pictured kneeling down)
What other training/sports do you do?: Boxing and Weight lifting mainly cause they are my favourite sports.
What is your favorite/least favorite gym exercise?: All of them are my favourite, none of them are bad.
What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you in the gym?: Probably getting kick in the groin by my trainer.
Who would be your ideal training partner and why?: Well Jose and Brad cause they are really supportive and caring towards me and cause they are the best people I know.
How do you stay motivated?: I stay motivated by listening to music and motivational speeches.
What are your PB's if you have any?: None yet but still working on it.
What is the best advise you can give to a new comer to exercise?: Just get in there and have a good crack at it. If you fail keep trying.
Where do you see yourself in 5yrs?: I see myself still boxing and going to Momentum, by then hopefully a world Champion Boxer,